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Manage Clients

Manage Client Your client records are maintained here. TABS list both active and inactive clients.  Simply toggle between the two to see your client lists.   From across the top First Name Last Name Email:  you can add additional emails to send your reports to Business Name Month End: is the month your financial year ends Date format:  choose the format


2. Create Dashboards and KPIs

  You will setup your Dashboards and KPIs here. The top menu area also incorporates a Search facility, Quick Entry, Scorecard, Take a Tour, Imort and your Profile. Clicking your Business name will open the “Create” window which also lists all Businesses you have created Procedure Create your Dashboard – Click the "+" and just name it! Create y



    Analytics gives you the facility to interrogate your data further.  You can change your graph type, view the data results, ascertain variance and observe trends. You can also compare two KPIs for comparison, simply select "Select KPI for Comparison" from the drop down box. The more in-depth analytics are contained in the XMR Charts.  You'll nee

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