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Leverage Opportunity ... Identify Problem Trends ...SIMPLY




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Spend your time analyzing and recommending a course for action. Without spending hours on unreliable spreadsheets.

We've been there, rushing deadlines, not quite sure if the data is correct or complete and then reaching conclusions that lack substance. We've been there, fiddling with time consuming spreadsheets not quite knowing if the end result is valid. We've been there, trying to empower the team to deliver the numbers and also be accountable for the results. We've been there, wasting time collecting and collating data, time that can be better spent analyzing and making recommendations. We've taken 20 years of frustration and annoyance to create a simple and easy Key Performance Indicator tool.


Leverage Opportunity ... Identify Problem Trends ...SIMPLY

Create, Engage and Action.  At the end of the day we are all looking for an efficient and effective way of engaging our business data to form actionable outcomes quickly.  To not only red flag potential issues but also to identify opportunities by leveraging successful metrics.  Your business intelligence unfolds in front of your eyes, you'll achieve immediate graphical representation making it easier to understand and even better to communicate to staff, managers and even the board.  Your meetings will become more efficient, the time to absorb the results shortened with much more time available on process that matters - interpreting data and finding solutions rather than data collection and collation.  Replace reams of paper reports that take minutes or hours to digest to targeted graphical performance reporting of the metrics that matter.  Create, Engage and Action provides you with the tools to make real time management decisions to leverage opportunity or action red flag trends. 




Use your Overview page to CREATE your business or division, then assign one or more dashboards and add your KPIs.  You can then assign targets and staff for accountability.  Your KPIs can be stand alone or calculated from other KPIs or as a component of mathematical functions.  Information required to start is minimal.  You can have your dasboard and metrics set up in minutes.



Enter your real-time data directly into the relevant KPI and your trends and analytics are instantaneously updated.  For bulk entry use Quick Entry to speed the process.  Better still, create accountability and responsibility with your staff and assign key personnel as Operators for data updates and dedicated KPI reporting.  Operators enjoy dedicated and KPI restricted access.  Missing or late data is flagged for action.  All straight forward.  All easily done.



Identify actionable concerns or opportunities quickly. Your Overview screen gives you instant visual results, One Click and you're analysing your data at a deeper level with a range of graph options including XMR charts.  One Click, and your dashboard is displayed with assigned KPIs for immediate interpretation, sharing or reporting.  Select Manage Reports to create comprehensive reports for Action.  One Click, and your reports are formatted as power point to impress at your next meeting.


Stop wasting time and money on issues that don't matter. Align management and staff using reliable analysis to leverage opportunity and identify potential problems.

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