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Manage Clients

Manage Client

Your client records are maintained here.client-edit

TABS list both active and inactive clients.  Simply toggle between the two to see your client lists.  

From across the top

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email:  you can add additional emails to send your reports to
  • Business Name
  • Month End: is the month your financial year ends
  • Date format:  choose the format applicable to your country
  • Logo:  Import your client's logo (or yours) at any time.  This is used for reports and presentations.
  • Edit functions: These include "additional email"s and to "inactivate" clients.

All attributes are editable, for instance, simple click on any text - such as email - and edit the content.

Active clients can simply be de-activated when they are no longer required.  They also can be retrieved in the event that you wish to re-instate their data.  

When you de-activate a client all associated KPIs are de-activated as well.

To Add additional clients simply click the "Add Client" Tab. Complete the information required and upload your clients' logo for their reports.  The email address email recorded is the default email address for Reports to be sent.  If you need to send the report to more people - simply add more email addresses for automatic send.


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