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At the end of the day we all need just one thing...
Clear, Concise and Precise information that can facilitate management discussion and action, quickly.



As an Accountant our KPI performance dashboard system will enhance your analytical capabilities and provide you with the scope to add additional services.  

A great support tool to back up your strategic or operational planning assignments and ensure longevity of client engagements.  Extend engagements by providing follow up tracking of key metrics.  Ensure that targets are on track and deviations are quickly identified and actionable.  Non skilled staff can easily collect the data required and provide the necessary reports or presentations freeing up your time for analysis, interpretation and consultation.

A great stand alone tool for individual engagements in tracking and actioning business performance in real time on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly, and yearly basis. A nice addition to annual Financial Statements to add clarity to key Financial (and non financial) Metrics and turn the "Statutory Jargon" into interpretable, meaningful data that highlights weak performance, a potential for additional engagement. 

Add to your service mix, charge a monthly fee for critical on time data that can quite easily be handled by back end staff.  

Your KPI reporting system enables quick trend reports with a simple click, a Drag and Drop Report Platform or even a very professional Presentation Platform that transforms your reports into projector friendly overheads for comment and discussion.  Email to your clients a simple easily read Dashboard Report.

KPI Pricing

Single User

$ 20.00/month


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