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How To Use the KPI Operator Function

Data entry into any dashboard system can be time consuming.  Data needs to be extracted from various sources and inevitably finds its way to a central document, such as a spreadsheet, for collation, reporting and interpretation. has developed a unique system that eliminates replication of process and multiple handling, in effect, it does away with the use of spreadsheets (or other methodologies) as collation and import tools.

We call this tool our "Operator system".  We take business back to its raw processes and simply assign responsibilities of the numbers to those that are responsible for producing the numbers without the involvement of staff dedicated to this collation function.

When you create your desired KPIs for reporting, each individual KPI can be assigned to a person responsible for its data.  That person is then flagged to input the data as it becomes available.  Reminder emails are sent as follow ups in the event the data is not present within a reasonable amount of time.  The Operator dashboard indicators colour code the status of the data.

The person responsible, the "operator", is given unique access to to enable them to enter the data they are resposible for.  Only the KPIs they are resposible for appear once logged in.  No other critical information is present.  No confusion as to what to do, just a straight forward view of the data required to be inputed without the clutter and distraction of other non relevant KPIs.

Can't get simpler than that.  Consultants and accountants can actually outsource the data entry direct to their clients, not sacrificing important time for results analysis and interpretation.  So to business managers can spend less time of data collation and more time on interpretation and resultant actions.  The "Operators" also become more aware of the responsibility of the numbers as they play a role in the reporting function.

The ezzykpi operator system benefits are clear:

  • Eliminate time to collect and collate data
  • Scrap spreadsheets as a data collection tool
  • Substantially less handling
  • Substantially less errors
  • Eliminate staff required in the process
  • From Numbers to Reports in real time
  • Allows you to ask the right questions Now.


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