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At the end of the day we all need just one thing...
Clear, Concise and Precise information that can facilitate management discussion and action, quickly.

Business Managers

Business manager

Business Managers can appreciate the need for an effective business dashboard. Real time results are important for real time decision making. Why wait for traditional information. 

As a Business Manager you can track key performance of your business, division or strategic business unit with a hand-full of KPIs.  The KPI system can be easily managed by backend personnel.  Simply create your Key measures, assign them to dashboards, then access the many report options to create and analyse the information you need.

Create simple Board Reports without the clutter of unnecessary gauges, dials and other non-communicative graphics.  Reports than can be interpreted at a glance to identify emerging opportunity or pending declines in operational performance.

Historically managers have relied on, at best, month end financial information to assess performance.  With your KPI tracking system you can track both financial and non-financial key metrics in an easy to use system that provides realistic, quick glance reports to enable real time, on-time decision making - easily.

KPIs can readily be recorded; daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly.  Mix and match your key metrics for your dashboards in any time frame you choose.  Report on metrics from different dashboards as well.

Simple reporting with ease of use, EzzyKPI will do it for you.

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