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  • What are KPI's ?
  • What are the benefits of tracking KPI's ?
  • Is it easy to create a dashboard ?
  • What sort of fancy Dashboards can be created ?
  • Are KPIs a replacement for accounting systems ?
  • Is my data safe ?
  • Am I locked into any ongoing contract ?
  • Is registration free ?
  • How many packages are there ?
  • When does my package expire ?
  • What is procedure for upgrading packages ?
  • Subscription model ?
  • Client Testimonials

    We produce a range of reports for our clients. Anything from weekly to annual. We find we have cut our time to delivery by at least a half, probably more by using this website. Nice!.

  • Every month I have been toiling with spreadsheets for hours on end to get my month end reports done. This product allows me to input, update and report all in about 1/2 hour. Used to take me 4 hours. Great little product.

    Roger Carlton

  • No more spending hours and hours manipulation spreadsheets. Kpi's come in simple to view reports that can be generated quite quickly. No fancy stuff, just solid easy KPI reporting.

    Mike Moore

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