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You've set up your dashboard, you're happy with it, now you want to use it effectively and continuously. provides a "Recurring" tool that ensures that as you update your performance data your next report is ready to be shared.  With our "Recurring" report facility you don't have to reformat your reports each time new data becomes available.  

From the Main menu select "Report" and "Create"  Select your Client and Dashboard.  The Recurring check box needs to be checked.  Name and build your report, add appropriate comments as needed and save your report.

If you have saved your "Recurring" Report without custom comments then it's simply a matter of hitting the "Share" button each time your data is updated.  If you have included "comments" in your reports then all that's involved is to read through and update your comments to reflect your current situation.  As a bonus, your previous comments still appear giving you insight as to the what was commented on previously and to provide a consistent framework for future comments without starting all over again.  Checkout all the functionality at

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