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KPI for Sales, Key Performance Indicators for sales

More often than not, the sales figure is number one on the list of key indicators.  Just a glance at a sales trend line will give you a pretty good feel on how things are going.  And better still, if a budgeted or targeted number is also present then we can quickly, very quickly know if we need to invite the sales manager in for a little chat.  

But dig a little deeper and you'll find the measures that actually drive the sales number in your business.  And you'll be surprised at how deep you can go.

So lets break it down.  The sales process, depending on your school of thought, can be a seven step process.  From lead generation, to conversion etc. to eventually an order.  So everyone of those steps can infact be a key indicator to track effectiveness of your sales team.  This will assist in identifying the weaknesses or strengths of team members in the sales chain and offering valuable insight into improving effectiveness through training and awareness.

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